Woodluv Diaries provides you with pages upon pages of the Euro American life through the eyes of an African-American, actually living in Europe. In what I have come to view as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will experience the benefits and the downside to the lifestyle I’ve embraced. Become a part of the cross-cultural phenomenon in all it’s aspects. Everything “Lifestyle” from Arts, Beauty, Cuisine, Culture, Fashion, Music and Travel. You can join me as I interview, review and show you the magnificence of what this unique Bavarian city has to offer and hopefully entice you to come for a visit and possibly find your second home. This is no “ordinary” blog but something personal; all the places and people I will mention, I go to frequently or have meet with them on occasion. These hidden gems, places that are not in the tourist guide book or perhaps don’t even have a website, is what make this city unique and a bit of our own little secret that I am sharing with the world. Woodluv Diaries will take you there. Liebesüss| Love Sweet