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Vitamin DAB

The most important vitamin out there: DAB (Daily Audio Bible). Now you may or may not have heard of this Vitamin but I can promise you it will 100% change your mind, body and spirit. Thanks to the obedience of Brian Hardin who 13 years ago began to read the bible out loud, when Podcast were just coming up and out. Possibly, the 1st ever to have people being able to call in at the end of him reading the bible, with prayer request. During my request for a “temporary leave of absence” of 1 year from being the hardest working Assistant in town to Ralph Lauren, where I told him, “don’t worry, I’ll be back.” I was in desperate need of some good vitamins. Enroute to Munich, where I knew all of 2 people and was embarking on a temporary new position within the Company. I truly believed that God had opened doors, only he could and to allow such an opportunity. Most of my friends and family for that matter, thought I was crazy; oh heck who am I kidding, I was terrified. There I was flying off into the sunset (que the music of plates crashing) as I arrived to a very cold and snowy Munich and cold would also be the atmosphere into which my new job would remind me of at every turn possible. My so called 2 friends; left me to my own devices and therefore, quickly I was feeling very alone and unsure of what disaster I had welcomed myself into, not to mention COLD! Imagine me sitting in my luxurious hotel suite crying on the phone to my sister-in-law all the way in Norway, telling her through huffs and puffs, “I made the biggest mistake of my life leaving Ralph & New York to com here! She calmly said, well Asia then call him and tell him you made a mistake and want to come home, he will be too happy.

You might think, easy enough but have you all heard of that little thing called, “pride?” It would not allow me to relent, retreat and lastly return. Instead, I prayed and asked God to show me what he had planned, to which I was lead to pray. 1st my brother, then a friend told me about this really cool podcast called Daily Audio Bible, where this cool guy from Tennessee, reads the bible to you. You can download it from iTunes…hey this iPod thing might turn into a good investment after all…who knew!

Over these last 13 years the DAB has become a part of my life, my family and I am honored to call Brian and his team along with many of the listeners my friends. People from all across the world listen, call in and reach out for prayer and give praise report, incl. myself. Not only am I a part of a Christian Community through the DAB but also through DAB Friends on Facebook. Again with Facebook but we all know, it is what it is. Those days where I felt lonely and abandoned in what soon was no longer feeling like a small city or village; I clung to listening to God’s word EVERYDAY! After each reading Brian gives commentary that anyone can understand, comprehend and relate to. Let me be completely honest, in the past I had a hard time understanding the bible in it’s context and I know I can’t be the only one who couldn’t pronounce half of the names and cities in the bible. I was butchering much of these said names, and had to laugh at the actual correct pronunciation. Thank goodness for the sanctuary of walls…this is a different way of understanding what the passages are all about with the knowledge and humor Brian adds to just about everything he does and says.

We all know that behind every great man there is a woman right behind him. Jill, Brian’s beautifully enthusiastic, charming, loving, funny- ya’ll need to hear her pronouncing some of these crazy names in the bible, yeah you heard me I said crazy in reference to the bible, because who on earth would name their child, “Jehoshaphat” I pronounced it geo-oh-shap-hat…anyhow, there are times when Jill has had to take the reigns and those are days when you know you are seriously about to be needing some tissue to wipe the happy, laughing tears from your face. She is also the resound voice behind some of the music Brian plays to serenade the end of a podcast after closing out with a daily prayer for us all. You can find Daily Audio Bible here: and if you want to be apart of an amazing faith community, check out DAB Friends on Facebook here: if you want to hear the angelic vocals of Jill Parr, you can find her on iTunes and heck, just google her and be just as wowed as I am. As many of us take our daily supplements and vitamins, you can be sure this is one vitamin I will never forget to take. 13 years and going strong. It is vital that I take my daily dosage of Vitamin DAB, other than my love for the Young & the Restless and General Hospital, I haven’t been addicted to anything this good and for this long. If you have not stopped while reading this to check out Daily Audio Bible, do so now @

Woodluv Diaries luvs DAB!

Remember to Liebesüss| Love Sweet


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The discontinuation of me (Roger & Gallet)

Of all the first things to blog about, I envisioned it being about a restaurant I just so happened upon or my latest trip to a fabulous 5-star hotel, but none of those things can compare to the thing I think we all cherish most: our health. More to the point, our bodies and how we smell! Well at least, some of us have the pleasure of having clean water to bath in and an ample supply of beauty products to leave us smelling and dare I say looking good. Therefore, I ask “have you ever wondered what happiness really smells like? And no I am not talking about how Benjamin Pratt or Sarah Jessica Parker’s body smells fresh from the shower; although… I am however talking about a smell so fresh and clean it brings not only a smile to your entire face but in the words of my husband, “you smell sexy!”

May I introduce to you “Gingembre” from the genius minds of French perfumiers Roger & Gallet. If I’d know back in high school that one day I’d be wanting to get down on bended knee to ask these two, please please not discontinue what has become my signature scent, I would have paid more attention. Instead all I can say is, “Ferme ta bouche” (shut your mouth) because this was all my French teacher would say to me, “Ferme ta bouche Jacqueline” my chosen French name as I still very much disliked my birth name. Anyhow, Roger & Gallet if you can hear me, I am so happy to not Ferme ta bouche and beg of you; please please (S’il vous plaît) ok two things I can say in French, don’t discontinue Gingembre. I have driven, walked and bicycled all over the city of Munich buying up all the Gingembre products I can find. With desperation asking the clerk, to check in back one last time. One positive thing about all this sadness is that since it is being discontinued, I’ve been able to purchase it at 50% off and while I do love most of their products, I have often had to forego buying lunch in lieu of walking out of the store with my Roger & Gallet mini shopping bag. The days of fighting my sister-in-law (I won Pam) for her stash are over. I hesitated in writing this for fear of others finding a secret hide away of Gingembre stock somewhere out of my grasp. However, I have learned that it makes me happy when I can smell happiness on others because if we all have learned one thing, it is that happiness does make the world go round. @Roger & Gallet, if by chance you are cleaning out leftover stock of Gingembre, you would make me the happiest of ladies if you would just package it right up and send it to Woodluv Diaries front door. Merci beaucoup, oh my french teacher would be so proud. Woodluv Diaries luvs Roger & Gallet! Remember to Liebesüss/ Love sweet

Remember to Liebesüss| Love Sweet