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Can I really make this…butter or margarine?

The answer my dear friends is; it’s in the pudding but in this case, just have a browse through my photo gallery. Apparently, I have a condition called, “re-creatiatis” laugh if you must, although I have found myself laughing at trying to re-create dishes I have come to love in whatever country I am dining in and/ or had the pleasure of sampling and have no idea how to translate some of the ingredients into english. Still don’t know what Matzipan is, help anyone? Do you ever find yourself buying cookbooks, as if they were indeed shoes and piling them up, hiding them in places for my husband not to find? Do you devour the pages of these cookbooks, looking for enticing things to cook, to see if the recipe’s are really as easy and simple as they claim to be…who of you have not been there? The recipe says it will take 30 mins and you end up spending and entire evening trying to duplicate something and it turns into a nightmare, where you find yourself dumping the lot and rushing to the store to gather up all the needed ingredients. You too may be suffering from re-creatiatis! Please, oh please tell me I am not the only one. Like recipes books, I do the same with food and wine magazines; just gotta have it! Whether it’s a recipe in Martha Stewart, PEOPLE, RealSimple, Bon Appetite or touch swiping on Pinterest, I’ve got the re-creatiatis rather bad. Often dreaming of having my own cooking show where I challenge the Author of such books and their simple recipe claims to yet another dual but this time in the kitchen.  From the wine recommendation, I am eagerly testing them to ensure indeed it goes with the meal. And the winner is; usually the Authors as I have found that many of the recipes I choose to re-create have come out quite good, and the wines usually pair rather suitably. Although, the process is ongoing, I have yet to find a cure for my condition but have learned that sometimes it is ok to use margarine vs. butter or do we need to step back into the ring? Until then, please keep serving up the wine to which I strongly suggest adding Champagne to the pairing list; cheers!

Remember to Liebesüss| Love sweet