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The Language of Love: Why I Sing

I remember the days of growing up in a family of six, seven when my step-brother Michael was either visiting us or we were at our grandparent’s house for the summer. There was one thing you could count on other than us kids laughing and fighting and that my dear friends, was music. Music was a constant in our household, our parents loved to listen to the “oldies” as we called it even back then. They would throw parties and I would sneak out of my bed at night and peak around the corner into the living room and see them getting down (George and Weezie Jefferson style) with their friends. As I watched them and listened to the music pouring out of their eight-track, I was happy. Thus, began my love of music, which I believe is the universal language of love.

My mother’s desire was to be a professional singer and while she did have a few lucky breaks; performing with Andre Crouch, the Gong show and other small stage venues, she eventually settled for the life as a wife and mother. Thankfully, she passed on her musical talents and genes to me and at least one of my brothers (Khalifah), sorry Hashim, Cedric and Michael. However, their talents led them to break dancing and quite well I might add, so much so that on the weekend’s our house garage was known as the break dancer’s cardboard hang out! Anyone remember the movie, Breakin’?

My mother was my greatest muse and like her, I had my share of lucky breaks. I was on the 1st original Deutschland series, “Popstars” with No Angels. It was an eye-opening experience to say the less and I do not mean this in a positive way. Out of 100 young ambitious girls, I made it to the final 10 only to be cast off the show as quote, “not needing Popstars, as I did not fit to a girl group. Apparently, I was already a solo act.” Sounds great on television but did little to impress me. In any case, I capitalized on my fame from Popstars and got an offer to embark on a solo singing career. I was doing interview left and write, receiving positive feedback and had people asking for my autograph. I had a manager, vocal coach and entourage. Sounds thrilling, so one would think… Then enter the music industry and the managers who wanted to take all the credit and money I mind you. I was young and naïve but God had given me the wisdom to say no and I walked away, left it all behind or so I thought.

My love for music had been absent, something changed. I threw myself the longest pity party ever! Mind you this was no ordinary pity party because I was an African American, former runway model living in Stuttgart and eventually moved to Munich; so the party was always surrounded by people who were willing to take me out to forget my woo’s.

Taking some time to reflect on why I had wanted a music career in the first place, I began to search my soul and listen to A LOT of music. Eventually, I realized I was wasting my talents and life to be fare. It hit me that God had blessed me with so many talents and I was not using one of them. While, it took me a few years to accept this gift and others that I believe God has blessed me with and not do anything that would compromise my ethics, my morals and most of all; my love for music. I ditched the fake friends, rediscovered my love for music and life. Happily, I went on to work with some amazing artists and wonderful musicians. Now I am singing and writing the music I want to put my voice to and that this voice wants to make people smile, laugh and have joy unspeakable joy.

In 2008, I created my own Bossa Nova band called, “Moccalicious” and boy that was fun. However, after little success and one failed Demo album, we peacefully parted ways. Shortly thereafter, I joined Munich Swing Set (MSS) and have been singing the language of love for the past 9 years. This September, I have begun working on my 1st solo studio album to be release in 2018 with two former members of Moccalicious.

All this to say that music was, is and will always be in my soul. If you find yourself at some cross-roads in your life, take a break and a break can be as short or long as you need it to be, to discover what your “love” is and what your talents are and then you can decide whether or not you’re ready to sing, dance and/ or just be happy!

Remember to Liebesüss| Love Sweet


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