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Walchseer Hof (Tirol, Austria)


The hills are alive indeed at Walchsee in Tirol, Austria What makes these hills even more alive is the beautiful view, while staying at the Walchseer Hof Hotel where Georg and his small but gracious team went out of their way to make you feel at home, relaxed and full from the absolutely amazing gourmet food served for kings and queens. Their motto, “a little luxury” and this is an understatement. Between sitting outside on the beautiful terrace overlooking the mountains, while drinking the best latte macchiato I have EVER had, the delicious food and wine suggestions that matched perfectly or enjoying the Spa on the top floor at night, overlooking a beautiful night sky aligned with stars! Even Did I tell you about the amazing food! My mouth is still watering over the hand-made ravioli, as well as the variety of things to choose from for breakfast, your traditional Weißwurst, marmalade, muesli with (chia seed, flaxseed and nuts) and every morning a nice bottle a sekt for those who want to make mimosa with the freshly pressed orange juice.

I was equally impressed by their hospitality, spectacular views, how easy it was to get out and about. Down the road about 15 -20 minute drive depending if you get stuck behind a tractor and warning there are a lot. There is a place to go down the mountain in a bobsled, I DID IT! Granted I was going the speed of a turtle but hey I got out of my comfort zone. There is also not far from there an animal zoo where you see all the cute fury and not so fury animals up close and personal. Anyone who is sensitive to poo, if I can move past it, then so can you. Also from directly from the hotel, we did a 1 hour hike up into the mountains that was breathtaking and where the Apfelstrudel got rave reviews.

The small but little gestures that turned this family holiday into a luxurious vacation continue to stay fresh in my mind. Whether it was the homemade cake and beverages that awaited us in our room, the fresh water and fresh mint hand-picked from their garden that was always available and the most delicious basket of red apples I have ever seen and I can’t even begin to describe the taste. Every afternoon in the entry lounge there was a fresh pot of tea brewing and home-made pastry cakes that my 2 ½ year old couldn’t keep his grubby little hands off. Therefore, forcing me to eat several. I know it seems I’m really keen on food but isn’t this what we all want, good quality food, inviting ambience and surroundings to boot. On our departure they gave us these cute handmade pin wood chips, I am looking forward to winter even more so I can make good use of these.

From Munich, it is about a 1 ½ hour drive and for those of you who don’t live near to Munich or in Germany, I would highly recommend this as a must-do on your vacation list when considering a day or two trip of Tirol, Austria.

This is our new go-to weekend get-a-way, I just hope there will be a room available for us. Woodluv Diaries luvs Walchseer Hof Hotel.

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