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September 2017

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Vitamin DAB

The most important vitamin out there: DAB (Daily Audio Bible). Now you may or may not have heard of this Vitamin but I can promise you it will 100% change your mind, body and spirit. Thanks to the obedience of Brian Hardin who 13 years ago began to read the bible out loud, when Podcast were just coming up and out. Possibly, the 1st ever to have people being able to call in at the end of him reading the bible, with prayer request. During my request for a “temporary leave of absence” of 1 year from being the hardest working Assistant in town to Ralph Lauren, where I told him, “don’t worry, I’ll be back.” I was in desperate need of some good vitamins. Enroute to Munich, where I knew all of 2 people and was embarking on a temporary new position within the Company. I truly believed that God had opened doors, only he could and to allow such an opportunity. Most of my friends and family for that matter, thought I was crazy; oh heck who am I kidding, I was terrified. There I was flying off into the sunset (que the music of plates crashing) as I arrived to a very cold and snowy Munich and cold would also be the atmosphere into which my new job would remind me of at every turn possible. My so called 2 friends; left me to my own devices and therefore, quickly I was feeling very alone and unsure of what disaster I had welcomed myself into, not to mention COLD! Imagine me sitting in my luxurious hotel suite crying on the phone to my sister-in-law all the way in Norway, telling her through huffs and puffs, “I made the biggest mistake of my life leaving Ralph & New York to com here! She calmly said, well Asia then call him and tell him you made a mistake and want to come home, he will be too happy.

You might think, easy enough but have you all heard of that little thing called, “pride?” It would not allow me to relent, retreat and lastly return. Instead, I prayed and asked God to show me what he had planned, to which I was lead to pray. 1st my brother, then a friend told me about this really cool podcast called Daily Audio Bible, where this cool guy from Tennessee, reads the bible to you. You can download it from iTunes…hey this iPod thing might turn into a good investment after all…who knew!

Over these last 13 years the DAB has become a part of my life, my family and I am honored to call Brian and his team along with many of the listeners my friends. People from all across the world listen, call in and reach out for prayer and give praise report, incl. myself. Not only am I a part of a Christian Community through the DAB but also through DAB Friends on Facebook. Again with Facebook but we all know, it is what it is. Those days where I felt lonely and abandoned in what soon was no longer feeling like a small city or village; I clung to listening to God’s word EVERYDAY! After each reading Brian gives commentary that anyone can understand, comprehend and relate to. Let me be completely honest, in the past I had a hard time understanding the bible in it’s context and I know I can’t be the only one who couldn’t pronounce half of the names and cities in the bible. I was butchering much of these said names, and had to laugh at the actual correct pronunciation. Thank goodness for the sanctuary of walls…this is a different way of understanding what the passages are all about with the knowledge and humor Brian adds to just about everything he does and says.

We all know that behind every great man there is a woman right behind him. Jill, Brian’s beautifully enthusiastic, charming, loving, funny- ya’ll need to hear her pronouncing some of these crazy names in the bible, yeah you heard me I said crazy in reference to the bible, because who on earth would name their child, “Jehoshaphat” I pronounced it geo-oh-shap-hat…anyhow, there are times when Jill has had to take the reigns and those are days when you know you are seriously about to be needing some tissue to wipe the happy, laughing tears from your face. She is also the resound voice behind some of the music Brian plays to serenade the end of a podcast after closing out with a daily prayer for us all. You can find Daily Audio Bible here: and if you want to be apart of an amazing faith community, check out DAB Friends on Facebook here: if you want to hear the angelic vocals of Jill Parr, you can find her on iTunes and heck, just google her and be just as wowed as I am. As many of us take our daily supplements and vitamins, you can be sure this is one vitamin I will never forget to take. 13 years and going strong. It is vital that I take my daily dosage of Vitamin DAB, other than my love for the Young & the Restless and General Hospital, I haven’t been addicted to anything this good and for this long. If you have not stopped while reading this to check out Daily Audio Bible, do so now @

Woodluv Diaries luvs DAB!

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2 In Beauty & Health

Pinkie & Me

Now you might think, who on earth is Pinkie is what does this have to do with Beauty? Well, we all know that beauty is skin deep and comes from the inside out or at least this is what my mom always told me. Pinkie is slowly becoming attached to my hip, in literal terms because it is there where I see the extra pounds have creeped in like a fly that got through the screen door because someone left it open to wide! In this case, I have been leaving my mouth wide open to too many unhealthy things because well, let’s face it because I was just having way too much fun. Between dining out, eating my sons leftover food to avoid having to throw it out and another fact it’s SUMMER and what good is summer if you can’t have a glass or two or three…of Lillet and Prosecco Aperol. Confession’s of a lifestyle Youtube channeler, I let my eating habits go a bit overboard and who wants to go to the gym when it’s blue skies and the sun is pushing you to stay inside or under the shade of a tree that just so happens to be located in a beer garden? So I welcomed Pinkie into my life a few weeks ago, thanks to the amazing talents of again Erica McIntyre. If you haven’t realized by now, she and I have created a bond I hope will last for eternity. Pinkie and I are saluting you Erica…

Pinkie is not actually “it’s real name” formally know to some as Plexus Slim, a drink founded by Plexus. Say what, you haven’t heard of Plexus; well don’t feel bad neither had I until maybe 6 months ago. I kept seeing this pink drink popping up on various Facebook pages, advertisements, etc. I assumed it was pink lemonade but as I have come to learn, we/ I make way too many assumptions and much to our surprise they usually are wrong and boy was I wrong. Plexus Slim is a powder supplement composed of (see photo) and taste like, are you ready for it; pink lemonade (drums please) AND watermelon, raspberries and a tangy taste of lemon. In other words, it’s simply delicious! There are no artificial sweeteners or colors, gluten free, 100% vegetarian. Apparently, Plexus was designed to help people who suffered from diabetes to get their blood sugar under control. Little did they know that this would be beneficial in not only helping people to get their blood sugar under control but additional side effects include; weight loss and ALL things good for cleaning you gut! Now let me just say, I am skeptical about a lot of things, hence it’s why I wanted to share all my experiences through WLD in products, things and places that I have personally had the pleasure of researching/ testing and making a conscious and biased opinion. AND it is in my opinion that Pinkie and me are going to be together for a while. Plexus is not a diet but a healthy way of living by focusing on one of the core essentials to good (gut health) and that is through the gut… I have since, reached out to Erica to purchase more Plexus products and will keep you informed to the good benefits and/or negative things I discover. What I found interesting along with the long list of products that Plexus has to offer that they reiterate that this is NOT a diet and a cure for disease and that along with promoting “gut” health, one must incorporate some kind of physical activity 2-3 times a week. While one might think this is common sense, many have yet to make the connection: Gut health + some level of fitness= GOOD/ HEALTHY living. Who wants to be on a diet for the rest of their lives because I for one know too many people who have been on a diet since the day drive-thru’s and all these frappe-ccino something’s came on the market. Originally, I tried Plexus because I was not only interested in getting my gut healthy, but the few extra pounds someone what motivated me too. Since trying Slim, I do feel better; more energy, eating less and have started going for 15-20 min. jogs 2-3 times a week, something is changing inside me.

Here at WLD we want to always be honest, truthful and not telling or promoting something we think is bad, negative or a waste of your time and money. Lord, knows I have been duped, stumped, hoodwinked and any other dubious terms you can think of to last me a last time.

Dear Pinkie, I hope you’re not offended that I have “outed” you like this but you KNOW how much I adore you and can’t keep you to myself, no matter how good you taste. Toast yourself to better gut health, and shop directly at WLD here and have a look @Plexus Slim

Woodluv Diaries luvs Plexus Slim aka Pinkie!

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