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August 2017

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The soulful voice of David B. Whitley

Can you imagine Teddy Pendergrass, R.Kelly, Luther Vandross, and Maxwell all rolled into one?! Well, you need not wait any longer for the soulful voice of David B. Whitley. For those of us fortunate enough to have heard or seen David perform, we have been sung to by royalty. WLD had the privilege last year to sit down and have coffee with the star from THE VOICE and BLUES BROTHERS to name a few of the amazing projects he lends his talented pipes to.  Whether he is in the studio cutting his next release album or  performing with the very beautiful and soulful Diva herself; Cassandra Steen, you can be sure he is bringing a smile to your face. I have know and met many artist but none with the likes of David B. Whitley. Singer, songwriter and vocal coach to the stars (can you say Usher), yeah you heard me! For years, I have kept his music on rotation and buying up CD’s to gift to family and friends faster than a grandma on her roller-skates. If you have yet to discover his silky, velvety voice, than you might want to go and buys some roller-skates or better yet, have a listen here or

Woodluv Diaries luvs David Whitley!

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Can I really make this…butter or margarine?

The answer my dear friends is; it’s in the pudding but in this case, just have a browse through my photo gallery. Apparently, I have a condition called, “re-creatiatis” laugh if you must, although I have found myself laughing at trying to re-create dishes I have come to love in whatever country I am dining in and/ or had the pleasure of sampling and have no idea how to translate some of the ingredients into english. Still don’t know what Matzipan is, help anyone? Do you ever find yourself buying cookbooks, as if they were indeed shoes and piling them up, hiding them in places for my husband not to find? Do you devour the pages of these cookbooks, looking for enticing things to cook, to see if the recipe’s are really as easy and simple as they claim to be…who of you have not been there? The recipe says it will take 30 mins and you end up spending and entire evening trying to duplicate something and it turns into a nightmare, where you find yourself dumping the lot and rushing to the store to gather up all the needed ingredients. You too may be suffering from re-creatiatis! Please, oh please tell me I am not the only one. Like recipes books, I do the same with food and wine magazines; just gotta have it! Whether it’s a recipe in Martha Stewart, PEOPLE, RealSimple, Bon Appetite or touch swiping on Pinterest, I’ve got the re-creatiatis rather bad. Often dreaming of having my own cooking show where I challenge the Author of such books and their simple recipe claims to yet another dual but this time in the kitchen.  From the wine recommendation, I am eagerly testing them to ensure indeed it goes with the meal. And the winner is; usually the Authors as I have found that many of the recipes I choose to re-create have come out quite good, and the wines usually pair rather suitably. Although, the process is ongoing, I have yet to find a cure for my condition but have learned that sometimes it is ok to use margarine vs. butter or do we need to step back into the ring? Until then, please keep serving up the wine to which I strongly suggest adding Champagne to the pairing list; cheers!

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Asia in Munich

Let me count all the ways that I love the city of Munich. For all things food, nature and the complicated dialect of Bayerisch; are just a few of the things I have come to adore. One can truly find him or herself wondering how is it possible not to fall in love with the German culture. Munich is located in the south of Bavaria and surrounded by massive lakes, mountains and lederhosen, as far as one can yodel. And yes, they do yodel here and do the funny knee, leg, paddle your butt dance but hey it is not as easy as it looks. After moving here 12 years ago from the hustle and the bustle of the big apple, I thought I had escaped literally into the calmness of one, that being me (Asia) in Munich. It all started with the purchase of a bicycle. Mind you I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was maybe 17 or 18 years old and this is how the love story began. The best way to see and experience this city is on two wheels that require no benzene and preferably after waking up in the morning and dipping out the door to go around the corner to one of the hundreds of local bakeries to get freshly baked croissants- let me say this again freshly baked croissants that water your mouth with a crispy crunch that quickly turns into a soft sensation of buttered heaven. I can promise you, you’ve never tasted a croissant like this before. Now hold on, because I know there may be another country claiming “their” croissants are the best but I do not live in France and this story is about me, living here and now. If someone wants to fly me France, I am happy to take a German croissant with me for a dual to decide which is the winner. With a bicycle you can venture to an oasis of small or big rivers throughout and near Munich. Although, I am not a fan of water (make your own conclusions), I do enjoy laying on a blanket with it’s view before my eyes. Watching the sun go down and having a nice glass of Riesling is definitely something one should do more of but then I wouldn’t be able to get back on the bike and steer without incident. If I am not on my bike the next best thing is hiking in the thrills of the hills in Bavarian Alps. Hiking boots anyone? You have to see it, well make that climb them to believe them, the hills do have eyes so be sure to pack your sunglasses, all proof light weather jacket and don’t forget the sunscreen. Got your camera ready…stay tuned

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Bavaria welcomes Ms. Black New York

Imagine my surprise to find out my cousin Kade Henderson, had entered and won the title of Miss Black New York. I tell you there is so much talent within this family, I am truly honored to be a part of it. In 2015 Woodluv Diaries had the pleasure of welcoming my beautiful cousin on her European tour where she was invited to Paris, Milan and last to the beautiful Bavarian city of Munich. We ventured out and about, snapping photos left and right, many gathered around to have photos taken with Kade, as not only were they captivated by her beauty but walking around town with that sash, who can resist. We seriously believe in Japan she is indeed famous…Not only did I introduce her to the magic this city has to offer but while here I took the opportunity to get her sponsorship for the Miss Black America pageant which was held in Washington, D.C. A very distinguished shop, “Unique Pearls” that handcraft’s the finest Pearls into every woman’s fantasy, was honored to have someone for New York, especially Miss Black New York wearing her designs for a meet and greet with then President and First Lady, Michelle Obama. Implementing my cross-cultural connections, I secured MAC Cosmetics in New York City to sponsor Kade for all her make-up and beauty needs for the pageant, as well as renowned perfumer’Bart Schmidt who was very generous in providing the perfect scent for her to dash and sash around the White House. We all know too well how a scent can magically transcend our entire body into orbit and make moments even more memorable. Too find out the results, log on to and be sure to see all that Kade is up @

Woodluv Diaries luvs Kadesmode!

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The discontinuation of me (Roger & Gallet)

Of all the first things to blog about, I envisioned it being about a restaurant I just so happened upon or my latest trip to a fabulous 5-star hotel, but none of those things can compare to the thing I think we all cherish most: our health. More to the point, our bodies and how we smell! Well at least, some of us have the pleasure of having clean water to bath in and an ample supply of beauty products to leave us smelling and dare I say looking good. Therefore, I ask “have you ever wondered what happiness really smells like? And no I am not talking about how Benjamin Pratt or Sarah Jessica Parker’s body smells fresh from the shower; although… I am however talking about a smell so fresh and clean it brings not only a smile to your entire face but in the words of my husband, “you smell sexy!”

May I introduce to you “Gingembre” from the genius minds of French perfumiers Roger & Gallet. If I’d know back in high school that one day I’d be wanting to get down on bended knee to ask these two, please please not discontinue what has become my signature scent, I would have paid more attention. Instead all I can say is, “Ferme ta bouche” (shut your mouth) because this was all my French teacher would say to me, “Ferme ta bouche Jacqueline” my chosen French name as I still very much disliked my birth name. Anyhow, Roger & Gallet if you can hear me, I am so happy to not Ferme ta bouche and beg of you; please please (S’il vous plaît) ok two things I can say in French, don’t discontinue Gingembre. I have driven, walked and bicycled all over the city of Munich buying up all the Gingembre products I can find. With desperation asking the clerk, to check in back one last time. One positive thing about all this sadness is that since it is being discontinued, I’ve been able to purchase it at 50% off and while I do love most of their products, I have often had to forego buying lunch in lieu of walking out of the store with my Roger & Gallet mini shopping bag. The days of fighting my sister-in-law (I won Pam) for her stash are over. I hesitated in writing this for fear of others finding a secret hide away of Gingembre stock somewhere out of my grasp. However, I have learned that it makes me happy when I can smell happiness on others because if we all have learned one thing, it is that happiness does make the world go round. @Roger & Gallet, if by chance you are cleaning out leftover stock of Gingembre, you would make me the happiest of ladies if you would just package it right up and send it to Woodluv Diaries front door. Merci beaucoup, oh my french teacher would be so proud. Woodluv Diaries luvs Roger & Gallet! Remember to Liebesüss/ Love sweet

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